AS30081/CacheFly Peering

To review our available locations, visit our PeeringDB Page here:

CacheFly has an open peering policy with a selective advertisement policy.  We're happy to exchange traffic in any location, however, our Anycast routes will only be advertised when it improves or optimizes the path selection globally or locally for eyeballs.

Learn More about the CacheFly Embedded Cache (CEC) Program

CacheFly Embedded Cache
CacheFly Embedded Cache (CEC) allows ISP's to host CDN nodes that deliver CacheFly CDN content within ISP networks. CEC is a fully managed solution by CacheFly, however, the provider must be able to provide the required rackspace, power, cooling and connectivity (including receiving BGP announcements from the devices).

CEC can be deployed using either CacheFly or ISP provided hardware and typically offloads > 95% of traffic to the device.

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